Excellence in radioactive waste management through service, innovation, value and integrity for over 40 years.


WMG’s engineering expertise has been demonstrated time and again through the successful completion of hundreds of radioactive material projects including support of decommissioning and spent fuel pool campaigns.


Since 1983, WMG has led the way in radioactive materials management software for the nuclear industry. Beginning with its NRC-approved RADMAN™ program, WMG has supplied its commercial clients with user friendly applications based on current regulatory requirements.

Shipping Support

Through our e-Shipper™ and Pro-Shipper™ programs, WMG has provided our clients with critical support in meeting the demands of an increased shipping schedule.


For nearly 30 years, WMG has offered a series of structured training courses, both basic and advanced, that address packaging, transportation and disposal of radioactive waste and materials.

We Partner with Each Client

We avoid wasting resources and excessive conservatism focusing primarily on feasible alternatives rather than the status quo. Partnering with each client, we use empirical measurements and factor in local operational controls that allow us to quickly identify achievable and practicable solutions. WMG is able to develop a solid radiological characterization basis to identify the appropriate planning, operational, packaging and disposition alternatives.

Words from Our Clients

We have developed a great partnership with WMG and their dedication to our plant is evident in all aspects of radwaste disposal. Not only is their software the gold standard, we appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to deliver solutions to our radwaste issues. In addition, their customer service and personalized attention given to the clients is unequaled in the nuclear industry.

Over the years I found WMG services and products to be turn key and professional. You can rely on the fact that the product or service will be of high quality and thoroughly reviewed and tested. In these days of reduced staffing and business pressures to do more with less, you can count on them to deliver a service that won’t require a lot of back and forth communications to get it right. I have also found WMG helpful and available anytime I have questions on the best way to proceed with radioactive material characterization and shipment. Truly a world class organization.

With the volume of Radioactive Material/Waste we currently ship, our jobs wouldn’t be possible without WMG and the RADMAN Software they provide. Their technology is top shelf and continuously evolving to meet the demands of its users. The software has no match in today’s industry, and it is a direct reflection on their exceptional staff who is knowledgeable, flexible and always there for their customers. Thank you for all you do.

Latest News

NUREG/BR-0204 Rev. 3

July 10, 2020

WMG Statement on NUREG/BR-0204, Rev. 3

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