Founded in 1979

As a professional nuclear engineering services and software provider to both commercial and government nuclear clients, WMG is well known and respected throught the nuclear industry for its engineering and project management innovations and accomplishments.

WMG's proven expertise has been demonstrated in such areas as Major Component Disposition, D&D project management and support, Irradiated Hardware and Spent Fuel Services in Canada, Europe and at every nuclear power facility in the US, with well over 1,700 completed projects to date.


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WMG’s engineering expertise has been demonstrated time and again through the successful completion of hundreds of radioactive material projects including support of decommissioning and spent fuel pool campaigns.

  • Fuel Pool Services
  • Large Component Disposal
  • D & D

Software solutions

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Since 1983, WMG has lead the way in radioactive materials management software for the nuclear industry. Beginning with its NRC approved RADMAN™ program, WMG has supplied its utility and commercial client’s user friendly applications based on current regulatory requirements.

  • Low level waste management
  • TRU waste characterization
  • Spent filter characterization
  • Power plant outages
  • On-site Radioactive Waste / Material Tracking

Regulatory Training

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For nearly 30 years, WMG has offered a series of structured training courses, both basic and advanced that address packaging, transportation and disposal of radioactive waste and materials.

These courses are comprehensive addressing DOT, NRC, and IAEA regulations. Each course is prepared and delivered by experienced shippers for personnel involved in all phases of radioactive materials management.

Rad material Shipping

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Through our e-Shipper and Pro-Shipper programs, WMG has provided our clients with critical support in meeting the demands of an increased shipping schedule.

Whether it’s an outage or the beginning of a major project, WMG supplements your shipping needs both off-site (e-Shipper) or on-site (Pro-Shipper).

Providing Radwaste Management
Excellence for Over 30 Years

Founded in 1979, WMG has been providing nuclear engineering and technology services, radioactive waste management support and software solutions for well over 30 years. WMG is proud of the heritage that began with the development of the revolutionary RADMAN™ software. Introduced in 1983 and approved by the USNRC in 1984, WMG’s RADMAN™ application forever changed how the nuclear industry would manage its radioactive waste material.

Building on RADMAN™’s foundation, WMG added RAMSHP™, FILTRK™ and over a dozen other innovative software applications that make it easier for industry personnel to manage their Radwaste and RadMaterial.

Today, RADMAN™ and many of its supporting applications are in use at practically every U.S. Nuclear Facility, in Canada, and at various U.S. government facilities.Today, in addition to WMG’s software capabilities, we design and deliver specification and specialty packages, manage and support spent fuel pool projects, characterize and classify unique waste material and components, offer accredited regulatory training classes, and process waste material at an off-site licensed facility.

Within the commercial nuclear industry, WMG has completed over 2,000 projects related to the management of radioactive materials, with services performed at every U.S. operating nuclear power station. Considered a waste management innovator and leader, WMG continues to set the standard for solving complex Radwaste problems, and helping our clients manage and ultimately solve their most challenging issues.

Our combination of nuclear engineering experience, software design expertise and project management capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. This breadth and depth of WMG’s experience are applied to every assignment undertaken and continues to this day.