Filter ManagementOff-Site Filter Processing

Since June 2008, the vast majority of Utilities has gone without burial site access for their high activity filters. Depleted filters are being stored in containers or in storage vaults with, up until now, no relief in sight. However, WMG’s Off-Site Filter Processing Service provides the client immediate relief from the constraints caused by on-site storage. A clients’ stored high activity filters are quantified, characterized and if determined to be qualified, transported to WMG at the Alaron TSDF located in Wampum, PA.

Filters are then shredded and solidified into a cement matrix resulting in a waste product that is solidified in a manner that achieves homogeneity, and a waste form that meets 10 CFR Part 61’s Class A Waste Concentration Limits.

The final solidified container has a direct disposal pathway and relief from the liabilities associated with on-site storage.

There is a basic three-step process to qualifying for WMG Processing Service:

Step 1: Pre-Qualification

Step 2: Qualified and Processed

Step 3: Disposal

By applying the principles of the NRC Branch Technical Position, WMG evaluates all filters presented for the service to ensure the inventory will classify for disposal as Class A Waste after being shredded and solidified prior to shipment.

If filters qualify, they can then be delivered to WMG at the Alaron TSDF located in Wampum, PA.. Filters are shredded into small manageable pieces, then metered through the in-line solidification mixer along with cement, aggregate and other additives. The material is uniformly incorporated into a cement matrix then deposited into one of WMG’s open top steel liner. The end result is a final solidified product that achieves homogeneity and a waste form that meets 10 CFR Part 61’s Class A Waste concentration limits.

WMG transports the final solidified container of Class A Waste to EnergySolutions at Clive, Utah for disposal.

Filter Processing Video: