REACh™ Detector System

Powered by RADMAN™

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The REACh™ system represents a step change in how low-level waste is characterized and classified. The REACh™ system measures gamma dose rates and gamma emitting activity by radionuclide for quick and accurate characterization results. Hard-to- detect nuclides are calculated using waste stream specific scaling factors from the RADMAN™ database for complete characterization and classification in one easy step.

the reach detector and the tripod mount


  • State of the art algorithms allow top performance on nuclide identification and dose-rate measurements
  • Fully wireless connectivity for hands-free operation
  • 8 hour operation on battery
  • Integrated GPS for geolocation and timing information (customizable indoor applications)
  • Locally encrypted data may be saved on-board or transmitted securely to the RADMAN™ database
  • Supports integration of external application-specific probes such as alpha/beta contaminameters, neutron detectors, and high resolution CZT gamma spectrometers
  • Tripod Mount: Ideal for remote access and monitoring via web interface of fixed measurement locations

The RADMAN™ Integration

The REACh™ Software communicates with the RADMAN™ database to scale in hard-to-detect radionuclides such as H-3, Tc-99, TRUs, as well as other non-gamma emitting radionuclides, from the most appropriate waste stream to provide complete package characterization and classification in one easy step.