RADMAN Management Software

WMG radioactive materials management software is the proven solution for the commercial nuclear industry backed by 30 years of use at 95% of US operating stations.

Anchored by the RADMAN™ Suite, these software applications support:

  • Low level waste management
  • Radioactive materials management
  • Spent filter characterization
  • Power plant outages
  • On-site Radioactive Waste / Material Tracking
  • Monitoring cartridge filters in service
  • Radiation Shielding Calculations

Developed and maintained in accordance with our 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program, WMG software is updated to remain current with regulatory requirements, add functionality based on user feedback, and innovate to improve/expand its capabilities.

RADMAN™ characterizes, classifies, manifests and documents packaged radioactive waste for shipment within the current DOT and NRC regulatory requirements.

RAMSHP™ characterizes and classifies contaminated materials, activated components, packaged equipment, sources, samples and instruments and articles for shipment.

FILTRK™ A daughter application of RADMAN™, characterizes and classifies spent filters or strainers incorporating concentration averaging guidelines to ensure that packaged filters comply with regulatory requirements.

OSM™ A daughter application of RAMSHP™, characterizes, inventories, and tracks vendor equipment received on-site to support an outage.

FILTRSAVR™ This program provides real-time characterization by receiving wirelessly transmitted dose rate data from filter housings and estimates the NRC waste class while the filters are still loading and in service.

MegaShield™ Performs point-kernel shielding calculations providing for multiple source sizes, materials, shield regions and materials in most geometric configurations.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS When a current WMG software application does not meet a client’s requirements, a custom solution is tailored to meet those needs. WMG develops custom solutions from design specifications to completed software solutions focused on the client’s needs and the user experience. All WMG software applications are developed in accordance with NQA-1, Part II, Subpart 2.7.