Shipping Support

Shipping Support Services

Sites increasingly experience periods of increased demand in their incoming and outgoing Radwaste and Radmaterial shipping activities.These increased demand periods can be attributable to any number of reasons including outages, special projects, and unplanned shutdowns. WMG offers a wide-range of services that will meet the varying levels of support requirements that a site will typcially experience.

The Off-Site Solution – e-Shipper™

WMG’s e-Shipper™ service is a highly eco-nomical and practical approach that provides an immediate solution without adding on-site person-nel.

e-Shipper™ is a web based service that uses a collaborative platform for the ready exchange of information passing between the site’s Radwaste organization and WMG’s Corporate HQ. Using a secure web-portal, site specific shipment data is uploaded to WMG where we characterize and classify the material , then generate shipping papers and support-ing documentation. The entire shipping package is then down-loaded to the site. All that remains is for the site to perform its final inspections and verifications, and obtain the necessary shipping paper signatures.

The On-Site Solution – On-Site Shippers

WMG’s On-Site Shipper Support Services is the natural extension to WMG’s e-Shipper™ service. Based upon the client’s expressed need, WMG provides qualified shippers having varying levels of experience and expertise ranging from the “Joe-Shipper”, who has a few years’ shipping experience, to our highly qualified and sought after WMG Pro-Shipper™. Among their many qualifications, each WMG Pro-Shipper™ possesses a minimum 10 years experience.

Whatever the expressed qualification need, each WMG Shipper arrives to the Site fully trained, qualified and a certified RADMAN™ software user. Finally, and no less important, each WMG Shipper is backed by 7/24 access to and support from our corporate team of Engineers and Radwaste professionals.