Packaging and Liners

WMG is an experienced turnkey service provider of specialty and specification packages.

Special Packaging

Nuclear power facilities are continuously maintaining and upgrading their overall material conditions. These activities invariably result in the need to package for shipment or store large, non-standard sized power plant components. Reactor heads, coolant pumps, drive mechanisms, and heat exchangers are a few examples of the kinds of removed or replaced components that will require a specialty or specification package. WMG is an experienced turnkey service provider of specialty and specification packages. Our engineering capabilities include design, fabrication and, where required, we provide licensing and regulatory interfacing.

Design, Fabricate, Test

WMG designs, fabricates, tests, and delivers specialty radioactive material containers primarily for the commercial nuclear power industry. Packaging design always incorporates everything from shielding requirements to ensuring packaging can be shipped over the road or rails. All packages are fabricated in accordance with our 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Assurance Program.

Specification Packages

WMG has an extensive history of developing General Design Packages, Industrial Packages, and self-certified Type A Packages. Furthermore, our Type A certifications ensure that the package can be used with the intended payload(s).

Components shipped or stored in WMG-supplied packages have included reactor pressure vessel heads, steam generators, control rod drives, and most recently an Auxiliary Decay Heat Exchanger.

WMG is an experienced designer and supplier of packaging that is compliant with the applicable NRC and DOT Regulations.

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open fltrstor liner with fltrstor rack inside


WMG designs a variety of metal liners that are able to interface with the most commonly used casks in the industry, from the 8-120s up through the 14-215s. We focus on steel open top, wide mouth liners. Our typical offerings include liners made from ¼” thick bodies and feature either a “lift from lid” (with or without a secondary lid) or a “lift from body” design.

Standard Liners

Our standard liners are made from carbon steel and feature wide mouth openings. The lids are installed with gaskets and eight ¾” bolts. We offer liner sizes that are compatible with all of the available shipping casks.

Secondary Lid

WMG can offer liners that feature easily installable secondary lids so that the liners can be loaded via the cask secondary lid.

Lift From Body

We also offer liners that can be lifted from the body. One of the great features of these liners is that their lids are installed with gaskets and only four ¾” bolts.

Custom Liners

Every project is different and some projects require customized liners. For example, WMG offers liners with lightweight aluminum flip top lids that easily seal with clamps and one bolt. Another example is our “stadium” shaped liner with flat sides to fit through doors.