WMG applies its greater than 200 years of collective staff nuclear industry experience in its approach to solving unique waste management challenges.

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WMG has been providing engineered value to clients for over 40 years. Our D&D experience dates back to 1992, during the Shoreham project. For more than three decades we have supported the vast majority of D&D projects performed in the private sector. We have also supported D&D projects abroad and for the IAEA. WMG’s project scopes have ranged from evaluations of radioactive waste disposal alternatives to providing packages for intact disposal of reactor pressure vessels with internals.

For each project, we use our experience and technical capabilities to deliver value and minimize risk for our clients. Focusing on each customer’s unique requirements, WMG has been able to set numerous precedents in the D&D field, which are still practiced today. Our thorough understanding of the federal, state, local, and disposal site regulatory framework allow us to provide the lowest risk and most cost effective means to compliantly package, transport and dispose of D&D wastes.

Proven Experience and Capabilities

WMG’s experience and proven capabilities ensures our clients receive the best plans and package designs available. Our in-depth evaluation of all disposition aspects, from characterization to packaging and logistics ensures a clear and well understood disposition pathway is developed for all waste streams.

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Waste Characterization

There is no substitute for accurate characterization of the radioactive waste that will be directly disposed of, stored prior to entering SAFSTOR, or generated during a D&D project. The feasibility of all planning, packaging, transport and disposal alternatives is based on characterization results. This is particularly true for the reactor pressure vessel and internals where errors due to faulty methodologies or inexperience can cost a client millions of dollars and months of time.

WMG is the recognized industry leader in Waste Characterization and for our ability to accurately define location-specific characteristics, allowing us to develop cost effective strategies for packaging for disposal or storage (GTCC waste).

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is extremely important to the success of a D&D project, regardless of whether your plant is entering SAFSTOR or full-on decommissioning. Accurately assessing and correctly phasing the waste management steps needed to get to the desired goal is critical. WMG’s vast experience and unmatched technical capabilities in waste characterization, packaging, logistics, in an ever changing disposal and regulatory landscape ensures our customers receive customized plans that minimize their risk and costs for their unique decommissioning challenges.

Package Selection, Design & Permitting

Only through detailed knowledge of the entire logistics path can an optimal package selection be made. Cost, ALARA, dimensional, weight and regulatory constraints need to be evaluated as a whole to determine the best package configuration. Sometimes custom packaging provides the optimum alternative compared to additional segmentation to fit existing packages. Since each site and component is unique, a customized plan can reduce our client’s schedule and costs.