Engineering Services Optimized Solutions

WMG develops optimized solutions for our clients’ varying challenges and constraints. Our Engineering starts with a comprehensive understanding of, and experience with nuclear regulatory requirements.

We Partner With Each Client

We avoid wasting resources and excessive conservatism focusing primarily on feasible alternatives rather than the status quo. Partnering with each client, we use empirical measurements and factor in local operational controls that allow us to quickly identify achievable and practicable solutions. In many instances, we are able to develop a solid radiological characterization basis to identify the appropriate planning, operational, packaging and disposition alternatives. Our engineering program is supported by a comprehensive Quality Assurance program.
WMG’s engineering capabilities include:

Characterization and Classification

  • Common RadMaterial
    (Filters, DAW, resins, equipment,
    samples, sources)
  • Uncommon RadMaterial
    (Jet pumps, heat exchangers,
    steam generators, CRDs)
  • BWR Irradiated Components
    (CRBs, LPRMs TIPs, SRMs,
  • PWR Irradiated Components
    (Rx vessels/internals/heads,
    split pins, hardware)

Waste Management Consultation

  • Radiological Engineering
  • Segmentation Planning
    (Cavity layout planning, container loading sequencing)
  • Decommissioning Planning (Project waste disposition planning, sequencing)
  • Fuel Pool Management and Planning
    (On-site PM, material storage, & disposal site/regulatory interface)
  • Dry Cask Storage Management
    (On-site PM, delivery oversight)

Shielding Analyses / QUALITY ASSURANCE

  • Design Calculations and Evaluation
  • Dose to Curie Modeling
  • Integrated Evaluations
  • Meets NQA-1 Requirements
  • NUPIC and Achilles Audited and Approved
  • 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B

Specialty Packages

  • Design, Fabricate, Oversight
  • Specification Packages (DOT/IAEA, Type 7A, IP-1 and IP-2)
  • Packages designed for transport, disposal and storage
  • DOT/NRC Licensing and Regulatory Interface