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The WMG team is the industry expert when it comes to waste characterization.

  • Reactor Components
  • Irradiated Hardware
  • Activation Analyses
  • Filters, DAW, and Resins
  • Unique Waste Forms

As a professional nuclear engineering services and software provider to both commercial and government nuclear clients, WMG is well known and respected throughout the nuclear industry for its engineering and project management innovations and accomplishments.

WMG’s proven expertise has been demonstrated in such areas as Major Component Disposition, D&D project management and support, Irradiated Hardware and Spent Fuel Services in Canada, Europe and at every nuclear power facility in the U.S., with well over 1,700 completed projects to date.

Within the commercial nuclear industry, WMG has completed over 2,000 projects related to the management of radioactive materials, with services performed at every U.S. operating nuclear power station. Considered a waste management innovator and leader, WMG continues to set the standard for solving complex Radwaste problems, and helping our clients manage and ultimately solve their most challenging issues.

Our combination of nuclear engineering experience, software design expertise and project management capabilities is unparalleled in the industry. This breadth and depth of WMG’s experience is applied to every assignment undertaken to this day.

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WMG’s functional teams are organized to respond quickly to a customer’s inquiry, be it large or small, simple or complex.